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Habitat Management and Monitoring

The Ferry Bluff Eagle Council's Habitat Committee is the most active of all FBEC committees. With the main task of the group's mission "to protect, maintain and enhance Bald Eagle Habitat in the Sauk Prairie area" we always have lots of work to do! FBEC Habitat coordinates roost counts throughout the winter, we provide a myriad of educational talks and programs, and we work with land use issues as they arise - coordinating between landowners, local governments and other groups. Another major focus of our efforts during the 2001-2005 eagle wintering seasons was the Radio Tracking Project. (See link at left) The knowledge of Bald Eagles' use of the area that we've gleaned from all of this work has been utilized by many, from the Chamber of Commerce in Sauk Prairie, to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as they constructed the four lane Highway 12 coming into the community, to landowners and residents concerned about the continued safety and health of our wintering eagle population. The research FBEC has been doing is crucial to the continued presence of wintering Bald Eagles in the Sauk Prairie community.


Photograph of Immature Bald Eagle by Ted Thousand, c 1990, Sauk City, WI